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2022 EMEA Round Table Discussions (Corporates Only)

Round Table Discussions:

Roundtable 1 - sold out

Global Remote Working - Strategies and Practicalities ( including Cyber and Data Privacy)

• Global remote working is here to stay - how can global mobility policies evolve to support and manage this?

• Critical additional considerations should be included - how do organisations manage cyber and data privacy as their employees ‘plug in’ globally?

Hosted by: Gavin Phillips, Director, Global Employer Services, RSM UK

Roundtable 2

Demystifying right to work

Fragomen’s Naomi Goldshtein and Christine Sullivan will lead this interactive workshop where they will discuss:

• What does right to work mean for your organisation?

• Why should you carry out right to work checks?

• The role of technology in right to work

Hosted by: Christine Sullivan, Partner, Fragomen Naomi Goldshtein, Director, Fragomen

Roundtable 3 - sold out

How can Mobility work with Talent to support the attraction, development, and retention of employees?

Interactive session to collaborate and share stories with peers.

Work alongside Vialto Partners to explore solutions on areas such as the war for talent, leadership development and improving the collaboration between the Talent and Mobility functions

Hosted by: Clare Allen, Senior Manager, Vialto Partners

Roundtable 4

Learnings from an RFP in virtual times

• How has COVID impacted the process of going out to RFP for relocation services? •

How can an RMC adapt? • How does Procurement educate themselves as to the goals and costs with relocation/mobility?

• How do procurement and mobility align before and during the RfP process?

• What are the key factors that go into pricing for an RMC with an RFP and what does procurement ?

Hosted by: Julian Becerra, Procurement Category Leader Global Mobility, Philip Morris International Service Center, S.L. Andreas v Strachwitz, Vice President EMEA, Weichert Workforce Mobility

Roundtable 5  - sold out

Shaping your programme in an agile world

As global businesses become more competitive, the war on talent evolves and ESG (environmental, social and governance) significantly impacts programmes, the need for Global mobility to become more agile, introduce flexible work arounds and strategically partner with the business, whilst still ensuring the people experience remains top of the agenda increases. We explore how companies can address this and discuss the challenges of putting new ways of working into practice

Hosted by: Mark Ethelston, Head of Global Mobility Advisory & Carla Foden, Growth Leader,Gallagher

Roundtable 6

Mobility & Procurement – How to achieve a Win/Win

In this session, the hosts will explore from a Corporate Global Mobility perspective how faced with either:

(a) A very domineering procurement team

(b) A very hands-off procurement team How you can create a positive working environment that all stakeholders can be satisfied that they have achieved their goals and delivered the right solution for the business. The hosts will provide some practical insights and tips on collaboration and partnering and how to achieve the Win/Win outcomes.

Hosted by: Maria Bouwsma - Senior Global Mobility Manager – Liberty Global Chris Churchman – Business and Leadership Coach – Action Coaches

Sponsored by Heart Relocation

Roundtable 7 - sold out

How can integrating talent management with global mobility attract and retain top global talent?

Join us as we explore real-life case studies of well-developed international hiring programmes that align talent attraction with global mobility.

Our roundtable will focus on: • the positive impact such programmes have on retention and overall ROI • roles and responsibilities of HR, talent acquisition and global mobility within the international hiring lifecycle • the benefits of flexible programs, to both the employee experience and cost containment • how IT integration can support a seamless experience for international new hires Participants will leave the session equipped with key takeaways that will support them in integrating talent management into their own mobility programmes.

Hosted by: Ava Norris, Strategic, Business Solutions, Cartus Anna Searle, Director, Global Talent Mobility, Cartus

Roundtable 8

What’s left to innovate in Global Mobility?

There is always talk of innovation in Global Mobility, whether it is innovations in the supply chain such as electric vehicles or reusing boxes, virtual DSP tours, policy or technology. Let’s discuss what is left to innovate in Global Mobility.

Hosted by: Jessica Steele, Director, Business Development, EMEA, Graebel

Roundtable 9  - sold out

International Remuneration & Benefits in the context of remote working in a different country from employer’s country

• The main principles of international remuneration (host-based and home-based approach with the pros and cons of each method) • International mobility policies: can they be applied to remote working when the employer remains in a foreign country?

Part 1: The challenges at stake • Labor law • Immigration requirements • Comparing home-based and host-based salary or a mix of both? • Is an IM policy for remote working situations a myth or a reality? • What are the differences between global mobility and remote working in terms of costs and goals for the company? • Sharing our experience with our client: still on a case by case basis with the purpose of talent retention • The dangers of “Case by case basis” C&B & HR management • The impact of host country taxation for the employee keeping a home-based salary (while not being tax equalized)

Part 2 : Helpful Guidelines • A global HR/IM and C&B approach: how these departments can interact on the matter of remuneration and benefits and what are the best practices to apply ? • The pros and Cons of using PEO or EOR services for remote workers when the use of a local entity is not possible

Hosted by: Anne-Flore Mirgalet, Smart Expatriation

Roundtable 10  - sold out

The best kept secret in global mobility, revealed!!

Join this interactive roundtable session with Simon and Muriel from ITX who will be revealing the biggest secrets, dispelling the myths and opening a door to untold advantages that are immediately gained by adopting a GEC.

• GEC explained. • Putting the record straight, dispelling the common myths. • The secret is out. A look at some significant advantages that can be achieved through a GEC. • Which companies are using a GEC approach, you may be surprised.

Hosted by: Simon Davies - Director ITX- Client Solutions, EMEA Muriel Hannecart - Senior Mobility Consultant ITX- International Mobility Solutions

Roundtable 11

Short term assignments or business trips to Switzerland – all you need to know

• Finding your way through the compliance jungle.

• Explanation about the different permit options and how to use them best.

• Salary dumping is a hot topic in Switzerland, how to limit the gap.

• Be best prepared for the increasing numbers of labour market controls.

• Keep in mind the fact-based employer principle from a tax point of view and reduce the tax impact.

Hosted by: Friederike V. Ruch, CEO, Convinus

Roundtable 12

Best Practices: Navigating International Program Management in a Post-COVID World

International relocation in the post-Covid world evokes a very different set of challenges than pre-pandemic. In this roundtable session, we will discuss some of the key challenges we encounter when managing international relocation policies from a practical standpoint, and we will look at best practices/recommendations to ensure a positive employee relocation experience.

Hosted by: Heather Hess & Jennifer Elsby WHR

Roundtable 13

Private day schools

How Cognita work in partnership with global mobility professionals and their client families to settle relocating children into our schools across London and the wider UK

Hosted by: Mrs Lois Gaffney, Headteacher of Prince’s Gardens Preparatory School Neil Herrington Head of International Student Recruitment at Cognita Schools