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Anna Fletcher - Heart Relocation

Please detail in 500 words or less why this person deserves this award
There are some of the most amazing people in Global Mobility that do not seek the limelight. Those that quietly and diligently serve and always seek to improve the global mobility arena. Anna Fletcher is not a name that you hear often in Global Mobility circles however during her 20+ year career in global mobility she has in a quiet and unassuming manner delivered exceptional customer support to her clients. With a passion for customer experience either for her clients or their relocating talent she has excelled. Whether travelling extensively through China to help a car manufacturer navigate its growth in some of the most challenging locations or supporting individual families overcome the challenges of their relocation. Anna also qualified as an HR professional with CIPD to better understand her clients working space and pressures they face. Anna has an unrelenting belief in the value of mobility, the delivery of immaculate customer service and an unwavering belief that people, clients, assignee and employees are capable of delivering amazing results if they are provided with the right environment. It is this belief that led her to Co-Founding Heart Relocation as the majority owner with a real focus supporting the emotional challenges of relocation as well as managing the physical journey whilst creating a truly supportive and collaborative working environment that supports and encourages happy employees, ensuring that they are free from stress and ready to deliver to their assignment objectives. Global Mobility at its heart is simply a customer service industry and whilst, as an industry, we struggle with technology, costs and the need to ever increasing amounts of data it is the recognition that at its core the delivery of real time support to people and families on the move, who sometimes only need some reassurance that it “will all be OK”. Anna’s depth of knowledge on all thing’s mobility is unparalleled and the level of support she provides to both clients and colleagues is testified in the testimonials provided as part of this submission. As the owner of Heart Relocation, she has created a company that embodies all the principles that define her. Heart Relocation has set a maximum of 30 cases, at any stage of relocation, for heart Consultants, giving them the time to really take care of the families they are supporting. Heart Relocations current net promoter score (NPS) is 86 and this alone is testament to how our assignees regard the service delivered by Heart Relocation. But this extends beyond the assignee experience and is deeply embedded into Heart Relocations own employee experience, creating an empowering work environment with flexibility and an understanding of work life balance has been core to Anna’s thinking. Anna is one of those unsung heroes of mobility that does not seek the limelight but truly deserves to be recognised by the mobility community for her dedication, hard work, and contribution to the evolution of Global Mobility. A vote for Anna is a vote for all those unsung heroes of our profession.

Eithan Wolf - PassportCard

Please detail in 500 words or less why this person deserves this award
Eithan Wolf, CEO Europe PassportCard – providing international private health insurance for expats. Wolf was elected as one of the top 25 insurtech CEOs in the world in the passing year, in addition to the “Leading 1% of Top Employers” award for the year of 2022 and the German Innovation Award for the year of 2021. Wolf was previously a member founder of the Innovation and Digital Division of a tier 1 bank with worldwide branches and co-represented the Israeli law bar in the Companies Law in parliament. Wolf is also the author of the book “Companies” and currently is writing his second book in emotional quality at the service of management. Wolf has managed to grow the company during the pandemic and be there for both his employees and customers.

Geri Sampson - Klippa Relocation

Please detail in 500 words or less why this person deserves this award
Geri’s approach to working within the global mobility industry is one characterised by an innate desire and ability to get the job done accurately and efficiently. Her unfathomable knowledge and experience are coupled with a warm and completely transparent personality that delights both our clients and the assignees to the point where they request Geri to handle their cases. “Geri can we connect first? Glad it's you!” commented an RMC Mobility Advisor, recently. And a VIP recently remarked, “Because we've really enjoyed working with you so far, we would prefer to view apartments with you directly Monday,” when Geri wasn’t available for a Sunday viewing and another Specialist was offered in her place. These are just two of a long line of comments that bear testament to Geri’s skill, knowledge, patience, and ability to empathise with our customers. But it’s not just being able to follow the standard processes so well that sets Geri apart. In the case of the VIP mentioned above, their requests were so specific and extraordinary that it became clear a regular home search would not meet their needs. After numerous out-of-hours communications, Geri instead proposed a two-week period of market monitoring during which the assignee would receive daily updates of new properties launched to market as well as off-market properties. Resourcefulness is an important part of Geri’s toolbox when dealing with our VIP customers, and she often has to reimagine the standard services and make pertinent proposals to our RMC clients to ensure that the assignees’ needs are fulfilled. Geri’s influence and attention to quality service both within and beyond Klippa have not gone unnoticed. Due to her uncanny ability to guide customers along the “right path,” it made business sense to replicate Geri’s methodology, and short of cloning her, she now heads up Klippa’s traning. In this role, she is able to impart her best practice aptitude to our team members and identify learning and development opportunities across the business. Training and development of team members had always been a challenge for Klippa, in terms of content, consistency, and timely delivery, but Geri has been instrumental in developing and implementing a training model that delivers the “Geri way,” allowing Klippa to build further on its already successful service delivery model.

Mandy James - PageGroup

Please detail in 500 words or less why this person deserves this award
Mandy James has hit the ground running at PageGroup and made a huge impact in her relatively short time as Global Mobility Manager. She has quickly identified and operationalised new processes and technology support required to manage PageGroup’s formal and informal international populations efficiently in line with business strategy. Mandy has partnered strategically with the business, ensuring the GM agenda is now regularly covered in Board of Director meetings and she has raised an awareness of risks and opportunities associated with a global workforce in order to compliment business objectives. Mandy sourced the best option for the business to enable increased strategic mobility (Vialto Partner's Managed Services) and implemented it, including extensive testing and training for the global HR community. This implementation has created transparency across the organisation in terms of mobile populations and should lead to increased opportunities for mobility in the business. All of this has been achieved during just 9 months in role, whilst building trusted and effective relationships with external stakeholders - and having some fun - along the way. Mandy is an all round Mobility superstar!

Marco Brunetti - Novartis AG

Please detail in 500 words or less why this person deserves this award
Marco is a very special mobility leader who has dedicated the last 20 years to building a great mobility experience for Novartis expats. He has served as the deputy head for most of this time and does an amazing job engage the team, smooth the expat experience and connect the dots across functions to deliver so much more. He is really the hidden gem that allows the mobility team to achieve so much with minimal noise. He is a very special servant leader who never lets you down, rolls up his sleeves to help anyone achieve their objectives and simply creates a positive working experience. It would be important to recognize him before he moves on to new challenges in the future!

Ray Rackham - CIBT/Newland Chase

Please detail in 500 words or less why this person deserves this award

Ray joined CIBT/Newland Chase in the height of the pandemic where business travel and immigration was stopped... Ray had to make some awkward decision like many globally, plus create revenue streams to keep both business active. Ray worked very closely with HR implementing a virtual work force and making sure every avenue in staff welfare was address. 18 months later, Ray and the business like so many had talent problems, not enough staff.. Ray created an academy, an in-house school where graduates can learn immigration and business travel globally and while they are training they are also working towards the OISC level 1. it has been a positive move due to shortage of talent. Ray didn't just stop their, he also designed Experienced Academy, which integrated the over 60's out of retirement, working anything from 8 to 16 hours per week on customer service types of role. This has been such a success for both clients and the senior citizens. Ray truly needs to be honored in creating a positive work environment where diversity is at the forefront of today;s society.