Day One - Thursday November 8, 2018

Registration and Networking Breakfast
Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

Keynote Speech: Why Every Employee Should Think Like an Entrepreneur
In a rapidly changing world, survival and growth for companies will be determined by their ability to see and exploit opportunity quickly and decisively – on an ongoing basis. 

This means companies need to develop an internal growth capability that is characterised by adaptation, speed, creativity and resilience - and they need to do this quickly. This internal growth capability requires an entrepreneurial mindset from employees at all levels and across all business functions.

James Raath, entrepreneur and author of Love Mondays will ask:

  • What does it mean to think like an entrepreneur?

  • What are the benefits to the business and its people?

  • How can entrepreneurial thinking be developed in a company?


James Raath, Entrepreneur, Co-founder and Director, Commercial Impact Index

Keynote panel: How will Global Mobility look in 2028?
As FEM celebrates its 10th Anniversary, we look back over the last 10 years and ahead to what the next decade may bring: 

  • 10 years ago, the world suffered a financial crash – what have been the consequences and opportunities of this seismic event?  
  • The last decade has also seen the pace of technological innovation accelerate at an astonishing speed – how has this affected the workplace and what will the future bring?  
  • How has global mobility changed in the last decade and how can it adapt to new expectations and the demands of the business in the decade ahead


Claire Tennant-Scull, Global Head of Content & Events Director, Forum for Expatriate Management


Natalie Agostinho, Head of International Mobility, British Council

Brian Friedman, Founder, FEM and Strategy Director at Benivo

Selina Jones-May, Group Director – Mobility and Global People Projects, WorleyParsons

Charlotte Sword FCIPD, Global Head of Human Resources at Foster & Partners

Anja Vahldiek, Director, Global Mobility Solutions, EY

Masterclass: How to create award-winning global mobility teams for large and small programs
Building a team to service a large or small program brings a number of challenges. Find out how WorleyParsons and Improbable, two very different organisations achieved this. . Find out how very different organisations achieved this.

Presented by EMMAs winners:

Selina Jones-May,  Global Mobility and Global People Projects , WorleyParsons

Andy King, Global Mobility Manager, Improbable

Anja Vahldiek, Director, Global Mobility Solutions, EY

Margaret Fahey, Process Improvement Leader – Europe/MENAT, Global Mobility Services, GE

Masterclass: How Aon created an award-winning redesign of its global mobility
Over the period of two years, Aon redesigned its policies, processes, governance, systems and data. Find out how the organization brought about such a large-scale transformation of its global mobility program.

Presented by EMMAs winner:

James Harwood, Head of Reward - EMEA, Aon

Morning Networking Break
Corporates-only Roundtables

Roundtable 1: Stealth travellers – How to manage your informally mobile population
Speaker: Jennifer de Breuys, Global Business Traveller Enablement Lead, FIS Global

Roundtable 2: Modern mobility patterns - Rotators, contractors and project pipeline
Speaker: Alan Flanagan, Head of Assignment Programs, Cognizant Technology

Roundtable 3: Mergers and acquisitions – Big bang or soft-landing integration?
 Annemarie Bunschoten, Head of International Mobility, Philips Lighting (Signify) 

Roundtable 4: Money matters - Tax compliance and handling currency and inflation in volatile economies
Speaker: Khadeeja Islam, Senior Manager – Global Mobility at Aggreko  

Roundtable 5Localization – Challenges and benefits
Speaker: Susan Whately, Mobility Policy & Program Manager, IBM 

Roundtable 6: ROI and analytics – what to measure and how
Speaker: Marcia van Buuren, Global Mobility Advisor, Heineken

Roundtable 7: Segmentation and flexibility 
Speaker: Nicole Milman, Total Reward, Becton Dickinson

Roundtable 8: Cost containment and managing benefits – some blue sky thinking
Astrid Halfers, Head of Global Mobility at Siemens GB&IE 

Roundtable 9: Increasing inclusion and diversity
Speaker: Victoria Ferguson, Head of International HR, Arcadis

Roundtable 10: Effective vendor management

Speaker: Rebecca Strickland, Head of Global Mobility Service Management, E.ON SE

Expert Insight: Industry consolidation and disruptors – how to cope with mobility’s mega trends

Brian Friedman, founder of FEM and global mobility trailblazer gives his perspective on the key challenges facing the mobility industry and its suppliers

  • How can you ride the wave of technological innovation and harness its power for your business?  
  • In an increasingly cost-conscious market how can you identify the service that makes you priceless?  
  • Does the old business adage, “Go large, go niche or go bust” apply? And if so, which of the first two routes can you take to avoid the third?

Brian Friedman, Founder, FEM and Strategy Director at Benivo

Masterclass Workshop : Best Vendor Partnership – how to find that winning formula
Find out how HPE and SIRVA forged an award-winning partnership in this interactive and engaging workshop.

Presented by EMMAs winners: 

  • Iva Kotrsalova, EMEA & APJ Region Lead - Global Employee Mobility, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 
  • Helena Trnková, Manager, Service Delivery, SIRVA Prague  

Networking Lunch – Sponsored by NetExpat

Track A – Immigration

Sponsored by: Fragomen Chair: Claire Tennant-Scull, Global Head of Content & Events Director, FEM

Expert insight - Brexit: A Practical Guide for Businesses In and Out of the EU

Brexit is difficult for mobility - everyone feels like they should be doing something, but it feels too early to know what.

  • This session will help you understand policy ahead of Friday's special session with the Home Office 
  • Find out how to plan - what firm action can you take now - and what are the risks? 
  • What you need to be aware of: Settled status and educating employees, no deal planning, frontier works, assignment policy and a new immigration system to plan for – make sure you’re informed 


Ian Robinson, Partner, Fragomen (London)
Christine Sullivan, Senior Manager, Fragomen (Brussels)   

Mobility Masterclass: Mental Health and the Business Traveller

International business travel is recognised as essential for the growth of global business’ and advantageous in terms of career progression for employees. But what cost is the behavioural and psychological issues of the international business traveller?

  • How is it best for organisations to maximise on the positive while protecting the wellbeing of its travelling employees?   
  • This session focuses on ground breaking insights into the psychological implications of travel on the international business traveller and start to unpick why it has this impact, uncovering organisational, social and individual factors. 


Rachel Lewis PhD, Director of Affinity Health at Work and Course Director for the MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology at Kingston Business School

Dr. Rodriguez-Fernandez, Global Medical Director of Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) and Workplace Wellness for International SOS, UK

Track B – Technology

Sponsored by: Equus Chair: Nicole Milman, Total Reward, BD

Expert insight: Technology - The Disruptor

We will examine:

  • The pace of change instilled into business – the necessity to change to be learn and agile  

  •  The dreaded ‘Transformation’, the greater rise of business decentralization, and prominence of Global Business Services - The core conundrum for GM – Transform or be transformed!  

  • How GM can leverage technology to position itself as a COE and drive business agility through empowered mobility?                 


Gareth Davies, VP Technology Solutions, Equus Software

Mobility Masterclass: How Heineken brought award-winning technology and innovation into global mobility

In 2017, Heineken won the EMEA EMMA for Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility and presented a session about this at FEM’s Amsterdam Conference in March 2018. Since then, the team have carried out further changes and developments. Find out what happened next when they rolled out…

  •  An extended use of technology 
  •  Assignee information platform 
  • Data dashboard for HR 

Presented by EMMAs winners:

Marcia van Buuren, Global Mobility Advisor, Heineken

Sandra Winstanley, Manager, Global Executive Compensation, Global HR, Heineken

Exhibition and Networking Break
Expert insight: Conquering the ‘Compliance Kraken*’ With the Power of Medium-sized Firms
Explore two case studies and find out how international companies just like yours learned to conquer the tangle of compliance issues involved in moving their international workforce to new shores. 


Practical guidance on:

  • How to not get tied up by tax and social security
  • How to stay afloat when it comes to employment law
  • How to ensure safe employee entry and re-entry into different countries around the world – especially in the time of Brexit


Paul Marmor, Head of International Services, Alliott Group


Stefan Creemers, HR, Tax & Global Mobility Adviser, Alliott Group

Kathie Gaber – Lawyer/Principal, Alliott Group

* Kraken – a mythical monster of the deep

Case Study Workshop: Return on Mobility: Measure Your Program’s Success

Most organisations agree that global mobility adds value – but how can HR professionals demonstrate a clear picture of its return on investment? Join Simon Mason to find out how to: 

  • Move beyond cost estimates and gain a clear definition of assignment success in this hands-on workshop. 
  • Understand the what and how of metrics that measure ROI on Talent Mobility.  

Simon Mason, Senior Vice President, EMEA & APAC, Graebel

Expert insight: Aligning Mobility to Support Business and Talent Objectives
This session will explore key areas of program misalignment that limit mobility effectiveness in facilitating organizational growth and talent objectives.

Participants will find out how to:

  • Understand how organizational priorities impact the way in which the mobility function operates 
  • Identify the opportunities for the mobility function to (re)brand as a key business partner 
  • Define ways in which the mobility service delivery model can provide support to the organization and business to achieve strategic objectives 

Speaker: Taryn Kramer, Vice President of Global Consulting and Global Consulting Practice Lead at SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving

Case study/workshop: Embracing the D&I Agenda in Mobility
Drawing on Mercer research and client case studies, this session will discuss the value and importance of breaking down the barriers to mobility for underrepresented groups and the challenges faced by modern mobile families. Topics addressed will include:
  • Integrating mobility with your employee value proposition, global talent strategy and wider company D&I initiatives 
  • Introducing flexibility to accommodate a variety of personal and non-traditional family situations   
  • Demonstrating the return-on-investment of embracing the D&I agenda within mobility programs 


Kate Fitzpatrick, Global Mobility Practice Leader UK & Ireland, Mercer

Michael Grover, Principal, Global Mobility – Talent, Mercer

Plenary: Re-thinking Global Mobility for a New Business Generation
  • What are the key skills that will be in demand in the future and how can we ensure that workers have them?

  • Are your global mobility policies the right fit for your corporate culture?

  • How can you make your policies cost effective, competitive, coherent and compliant?

  • How can you increase the diversity of talent within your organization?

  • Is it possible to build-in agility that serves both the needs of the business and delivers an enhanced employee experience?


Claire Tennant-Scull, Global Head of Content & Events Director, Forum for Expatriate Management


Ema Boccagni, Head of Business Development, ECA International

Nicole Milman, Total Reward, Becton Dickinson

Bryan Nixon, Headmaster, TASIS The American School in England

Sarah Restall, Employer Engagement Manager, Time to Change.org

Nicolai Wassmann – Head of Global Mobility, Ramboll

Closing Remarks & Key Takeaways

Claire Tennant-Scull, Global Head of Content & Events Director, Forum for Expatriate Management

Networking Drinks Reception

Day Two - Friday November 9, 2018

Registration and Breakfast
Welcome and Introduction

Claire Tennant-Scull, Global Head of Content & Events Director, Forum for Expatriate Management

Keynote Panel: How Can You Remain GDPR Compliant and Avoid In-built Bias Traps?
Handling New Technology, Disruptors, Data and Analytics – How Can You Remain GDPR Compliant and Avoid In-built Bias Traps? 
  • How can you implement a practical and compliant GDPR policy? 
  • How can GM leverage technology to get on the front foot – to position itself as a COE and drive business agility through empowered mobility?
  • Using AI - how can you build in diversity and inclusion and avoid in-built bias? 


Claire Tennant-Scull, Global Head of Content & Events Director, Forum for Expatriate Management


Sharon Christiaan, Chief Legal Compliance, Senior Immigration Lawyer and Behavioural Officer, Bisaf

Alan Flanagan, Head of Assignment Programs, Cognizant Technology

Tim Wells, VP Technology Solutions, Equus

Sandra Winstanley, Manager, Global Executive Compensation, Global HR, Heineken

Chair: Claire Tennant-Scull, Global Head of Content & Events Director, FEM

Expert insight: EU Posted Workers: What Every Business Needs to Know Now

More than 2 million employees currently working in EU countries other than their primary country of employment fall under the definition of a “posted worker” – creating additional unique legal obligations for their employers.

Find out your obligations as an employer for requirements such as:

  • Filing notices with labour authorities (both before assignment and in the event of later changes) 
  • Retaining specific employment documents during and for up to five years after end of the assignment 
  • Appointing a designated representative to deal with local labour authorities 


Tanel Feldman, Immigration Law Associates

Sophy King, VP Global Immigration, Newland Chase

Marc Smith, Counsel, Global Immigration, EMEA, Newland Chase

Mehibe Hill, Strategic Services Manager, Newland Chase

Exhibition and Networking Break
The ‘Next Gen GM’ Presents Insights into the Future of Global Mobility
The Next Gen GM Co-Founders and two members will provide insights into the future of the Global Mobility Function and the role of a Global Mobility Professional in an ever-changing landscape. 

The session will look to discuss:

  • How the Global Mobility Function is changing 
  • How to prepare the Global Mobility workforce  
  • How Global Mobility Professionals can equip themselves in line with compliance and business requirements  


Elizabeth Bodington, Global Mobility Lead, Capco

Natalie Chapman, Business Development Bournes Relocation

Holly Maria Creed, Global Mobility Manager, DXC Technology

Aoife Whitford, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, Property Basecamp

Sponsored by: ECA International Chair: Nicole Milman, Total Reward, BD

Expert insight: Localising assignees: the challenges and traps to consider

When cost pressures mount, there are questions on how soon an employee currently on an international assignment can be transferred to local terms and conditions. However, there are many potential obstacles to consider.

This session will look at:

  • When and why you should consider localisation of an assignee currently on an international assignment 
  • The different ways in which localisation can be achieved - finding the right pay approach 
  •  Challenges you might encounter when localising assignees and how to address them 


Lewis Turner, Client Relationship Manager, ECA International

Exhibition and Networking Break
Mobility Leadership Masterclass

Mobility Leadership Masterclass (reserved places only -limited availability for Senior Corporates only)

Please note – this session is hosted in a private room and places must be reserved in advance. 


  • Sue Pitt, Executive Coach, Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (MInstLM) 

Brexit and immigration, a view from the UK Home Office

  • The UK government has taken great strides towards managing immigration, as we approach Brexit  
  • From next year, EU nationals will be able to register their status, confirming their residence ready for free movement ending on 31 December 2020  
  • Once free movement ends, the UK will implement an entirely new post-Brexit skills-based immigration  
  • Madeleine Sumption, Head of Oxford University's Migration Observatory will set out what could come next, and what that will mean for employers 
  • Hilary Bagshaw, EU Exit Immigration Stakeholder Engagement Lead


Hilary Bagshaw, EU Exit Immigration Strategy, Home Office

Ian Robinson, Partner, Fragomen

Madeleine Sumption, Director of the Migration Observatory, University of Oxford

Networking Lunch
Corporates only - Sponsored Roundtables

Roundtable 1: Mergers and Acquisitions – don’t get caught out

Mobility teams are often the last to hear about mergers despite the risks to their business and people. Managing them smoothly means understanding the typical risks and issues and ensuring that people at the centre of a deal do too. Find out what companies need to know about the legal aspects of this complex issue. More importantly, you can hear from your peers, and the challenges and solutions they have encountered.

Led by Val Gascoyne Client Services Manager, Naomi Goldshtein, Manager, and Ian Robinson, Partner, Fragomen, plus corporate guests

Roundtable 2: Mobility technology - the Savior!

A case study demonstrating how technology extends beyond GM process automation and can empower HR/Business.

Led by:
Julia La Pla, Head of GM, JP Morgan Chase
Tim Wells, VP Technology Solutions, Equus
Gareth Davies, VP Technology Solutions, Equus 

Roundtable 3: Cost of Living: managing expatriate questions and how to avoid them

All expatriates have strong opinions about cost of living and this will often lead to challenging questions. Why has my COLA gone down? How can the COL index be negative when my groceries are more expensive? Prices are rising but my COLA isn’t! What’s going on? In this session we will be discussing some of the resources you can use to help answer these questions and concerns and ways to minimise and manage any issues in the future.

Led by Cyril Brenninkmeijer, Client Relationship Manager, ECA International

Roundtable 4  : Extended Business Travellers – Cross-border commuter challenges  

Unlike traditional long- and short-term assignments, companies are not typically as vigilant about tracking EBT employees, increasing the risks of costly violations of tax and visa laws. Find out: What are the risks of a growing Extended Business Traveller population? How are organizations addressing these risks in ways that are manageable and compliant? What is the impact of Brexit on the EBT population within the EU? What is the best way to develop a business case to engage senior stakeholders?

Led by:

Paul Barnes, Vice President, Client Relations, TheMIGroup, A Weichert Workforce Mobility Company
Mark Hellicar, Head of International Mobility DS Smith 
Andreas Strachwitz, Regional Vice President, EMEA, Weichert Workforce Mobility 

Roundtable 5: New Technology in Global Healthcare – how to put it to best use

New technology is having a huge impact on global healthcare and enables practitioners to not only treat conditions, but help to catch them earlier, or even prevent them from developing in the first place. This extraordinary pace of change brings with it both pros and cons though, so how can you best manage your employees’ healthcare provision and serve the needs of your business?

Led by Chris Bolton – International Sales Manager, UK and Cigna Global Health Benefits 
Tim Garner – Senior Client Manager, Europe, Cigna

Roundtable 6: Best Practice Retirement Solutions for Mobile Employees

With employers increasingly looking for simple outsourced plans, what features make the optimal solution?

Led by Helen Hatt, Senior Consultant, International Retirement & Investment Practice
Robin Scott, Senior Consultant, Aon

Roundtable 7: 10-year anniversary of the Points Based System 

Along with the 10-year anniversary of FEM, the UK celebrates and commiserates the 10-year anniversary of the Points Based System. The session will focus on the changes to the rules and how the Home Office has transformed their systems, processes and strategy as a result of the introduction of the PBS. We will also review the positive and negative outlook of the PBS in post-Brexit UK.

Led by: Annette Wright, Immigration Director, Newland Chase

Roundtable 8: Technology in expat taxation – Disrupting the industry through innovation and software 

With the increase of expatriates, tax firms are experiencing pressure on pricing and high competition. Expat tax preparation is complex and cost intensive, making it ripe for disruption. This roundtable discussion will focus on how software can drastically improve your client’s experience while reducing your costs through automation.

Led by Markus Finster, COO and Managing Director
Nathalie Goldstein, CEO and Managing Director, My Expat Taxes

Roundtable 9: Intra-EU mobility-legal interoperability  

How can you manage employees who move for work in a Member State other than that of which they are usually resident? Find out the facts, figures and solutions (employment and social security) that will help you navigate the interoperability between the EU law and national legislations, and improve your business efficiency.

Led by Tanel Feldman, Immigration Law Associates

Roundtable 10: Cross-Cultural Agility in Today’s Globally Connected Digital World 

How does your organization promote and drive home the concepts of international competency for their mobile employees? In digitally connected world, international corporations are at a crossroads for rethinking their intercultural talent management strategies, policies and support for their staff working across cultures. Discuss and learn how cultural agility and talent development have common links that are imperative across industries and cultures for long term strategic success.

Led by Alain Verstandig, President
Kay Hall, SVP Global Advisory Services, EMEA, NetExpat

Roundtable 11: Corporate immigration challenges in the Gulf region,  Led by Osman Qureshi and Anita Chalke, Proven  

What are the most effective ways to deploy talent in these critical destinations? Osman Qureshi, and Anita Chalke will provide valuable information about the challenges of entity in-corporations, licensing, corporate immigration, recruitment, HR, outsourcing and business compliance in the Middle East.

Led by:

Anita Chalke, Senior Immigration Manager Proven
Osman Qureshi, Director of Business Support Solutions

Roundtable 12: How to enhance the ‘assignee experience’ without increasing your budget  

In commerce, a good customer experience (CX) is the product of an interaction between an organisation and a customer where all points of contact during that relationship matches the individual's expectations. Aires MobilityX takes the customer experience to the next level, exceeding the individual's expectation without increasing your budget. Find out how.  

Led by Fiona Williams, Director, Strategic Solutions, Aires 

Expert Insight: Talent-proofing Your Future Global Workforce
Join Ellyn Karetnick as she leads the discussion with Selina Jones-May for unprecedented insights and real-time practices in a future of uncertainty, as they explore:
  • What skills are needed by the future workforce? 
  • How do you define future sources of talent? 
  • Why will meta-trends impact your future pipeline? 
  • How can you build mobility intro career paths? 
  • Where can you enhance customer experience?


Tosin Adenrele, Global Mobility Consultant

Selina Jones-May, Group Director – Mobility and Global People Projects, WorleyParsons

Ellyn Karetnick, Global Head of Talent Development and Mobility, BGRS

Andy King, Global Mobility Manager, Improbable

Networking & Refreshments Break
Mobility Masterclass: New services for UK Visas and Immigration Customers

 From November the Home Office will make more premium and priority services available in 51 new locations while making the system slicker and more accessible .

This practical guide will set out to how key elements of the UK Visa transformed customer experience and UKVI’s customer-centric ambition will be realised

Simon Peachey, Head of Customer and Commercial Services, UK Visas and Immigration at the Home Office will lead the discussion and give the latest updates on what companies need to know about the current visa system in the UK.


Simon Peachey, Head of Customer and Commercial Services, UK Visas and Immigration, UK Home Office

The inside track on supplier selection: RFPs and the Dos and Don’t’s

  • How to ensure that vendor and corporation are speaking the same language 
  • Understanding the importance of having clear objectives and the appropriate scope for your RFP and what you can do to stand out from the competition 
  • How to understand relationships with key stakeholders in the process to maximize efficiency and continuity 
  • Maintaining clear communication with key staff and managing expectations during the review process 
  • What should go into a RFP to ensure that it uncovers supplier capabilities and aligns with stakeholders’ needs? 


Andy King, Global Mobility Manager, Improbable

Expert Insight: Mobile, Not Necessarily Moving… the new realities of a globally linked, globally mobile workforce
Corporate policy makers and industry specialists will explore the new dynamics of corporate mobility and ask:
  • Who’s mobile? - A profile of current and future state customers
  • What’s needed? - What are the service expectations and opportunities?
  • Where are the hot spots? - Traditional and emerging markets
  • How to support? – How to reach and service the global mobility customer in a consumerised world


Dan Sennett, Dwellworks


Andreas Von Strachwitz, Weichert

Simon Mason, Graebel

Ben Harper, Watergate Bay Hotel

Networking & Refreshments Break
Mobility Masterclass: Transforming the Global Mobility Function into a Business
DXC Technology UKI and Europe Global Mobility Team discuss their journey from April 2017 to October 2018, upon formation of their company, and how they have actively looked to evolve their role. Over the last eighteen months the DXC Technology UKI and Europe Global Mobility Team has looked to transform from a function focused on operating as a “business” to achieve their vision set out in February 2017.

Presented by:

Holly Maria Creed, Global Mobility Manager, DXC Technology

Kay Ironside, UKI Global Mobility Lead, DXC Technology

Plenary: Transforming the Mobility Agenda
  • In the context of shrinking budgets and heightened demand from the business, how can you deliver an agile, risk-proof and competitive program that demonstrably adds value?  
  • How can you prepare for, and work with disruptors as the gig economy goes global? 
  • What is the future of global mobility in the face of populist feeling that seems to reject globalisation?  
  • Is it time to rethink work, workers and mobility – have we forgotten the ‘human’ in Human Resources? 

Moderator: Claire Tennant-Scull, Global Head of Content & Events Director, Forum for Expatriate Management  


Ezeibe Agomo, Senior Manager, Mobility Business Partner, Publicis ReSources 
Mustafa Bharmal, Director – Global Mobility Services, Honeywell
Annemarie Bunschoten, Head of International Mobility, Philips Lighting 
Victoria Ferguson, Head of International HR, Arcadis 
Helen Walton, Director, Global Mobility, Astra Zeneca 
Closing Remarks & Key Take-aways

Claire Tennant-Scull, Global Head of Content & Events Director, Forum for Expatriate Management

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