Corporate Awards

Best Employee Experience & Engagement Winner:
Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Center GmbH

The judges said: “Boehringer Ingelheim’s project is a great example of segmentation and the use of co-creation for the new Global Mobility Framework is impressive and the clear linking of purpose and meaning in the framework is also a psychologically strong decision.”
Highly Commended: EY

Global Mobility Team of the Year Winner:
Mott MacDonald

The judges said: “Mott MacDonald managed to accomplish in the past year - tech innovation, remote worker management, aligning the team with the business needs... they are still are innovating and creating to move forward to survive and thrive.”
Highly Commended: Wood

Outstanding Corporate Agility & Crisis Management Winner:
Tesco Stores Limited
The judges said: “The Tesco team have demonstrated what a highly collaborative and strategic function can deliver to the business. Impressive results and outcomes achieved within the context of an unprecedented pandemic and some fun along the way – they should be extremely proud!”
Highly Commended: Comcast NBCUniversal

Service Provider Awards

Best Banking, Tax or Financial Services Provider of the Year Winner:
HSBC Expat
The judges said: “HSBC continues to lead the way in many initiatives which support the expats and their families. The team has shown great service provision to the industry and especially in a challenging period.”
Highly Commended: Greenback Expat Tax Services

Corporate Housing Provider of the Year Winner:
Synergy Global Housing
The judges said: “Synergy Global Housing’s reaction strategy to the pandemic has a long term vision focusing on flexibility, the health of its clients and employees and investment in technology and processes beyond housing’s regular needs.”
Highly Commended: SilverDoor Apartments

Destination Services Provider of the Year Winner:
Icon Relocation
The judges said: “I love Icon Relocation’s focus on people not packages and that this ethos really shone through. I commend them for the personal touch and gathering research from clients and responding to this to develop solutions."
Highly Commended: R3LOCATION

Immigration Provider of the Year Winner:
The judges said: “Fragomen worked closely with governments to keep on top of changing regulations and policies and this gave them a great insight for their clients and enabled them to constantly offer new information, snapshots and up to date guidance.” Highly Commended: EY

International Health, Wellbeing or Security Management Provider of the Year Winner:
The judges said: “A phenomenal response to COVID 19! Healix's Covid 19 response demonstrated agility, awareness and most importantly willingness and desire to help their clients.”
Highly Commended: International SOS

International Moving Company of the Year Winner:
BTR International
The judges said: “BTR managed to adopt to the situation quickly by providing the highest level of 'emergency' support. Cost deep dive recognizes the increasing sensitivity to price changes and great internal compliance approach.”
Highly Commended: SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving

Outstanding Agility & Crisis Management as a Service Provider Winner:
International SOS
The judges said: “Safety was a number one priority during the pandemic and so a high benchmark was set for International SOS. Nevertheless, the team delivered support to their clients as well as to their own employees - putting people first. A vendor that every GM team needs.” Highly Commended: Crown World Mobility
Highly Commended: CIBT Companies: Newland Chase and CIBT visas

Relocation Management Company of the Year Winner:
Heart Relocation
The judges said: “Heart Relocation’s innovative approach of "not more than 30 assignees per consultant'; heavily contributes to the quality of service and personal touch. Impactful way of connecting assignments and wellness. I love that employees are recognised and cherished.”
Highly Commended: Santa Fe Relocation

Open to All Awards

Best Partnership Between a Corporate Organization and a Service Provider Winner:
Fragomen & Talent Beyond Boundaries
The judges said: “Fragomen and Talent Beyond Boundaries’ partnership is to be commended for its commitment to address social inequalities and injustices at a systemic level. This is a high value, high impact initiative that introduces a more sustainable and just form of mobility.”
Highly Commended: NetExpat & DSFA (Diplomatic Service Families Association)

Best Partnership between Two Service Providers Winner:
The judges said: “Family support is great and the collaboration between Aires & R3LOCATION seems to have melded extremely well. It is clear to see how this would benefit clients, both the company and the assignee and I found the Tech Solution particularly innovative.”

Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Assignee Management Winner:
The judges said: “Benivo has delivered on innovations, a positive impact on stakeholders and the wider business, and savings in time and money, and more.”
Highly Commended: Aires

Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Bespoke Solutions Winner:
Weichert Workforce Mobility
The judges said: “Weichert’s product brings a number of complicated, critical business travel and immigration related data together. The output from this would streamline business travel management significantly.”
Highly Commended: Perchpeek

Thought Leadership – Best Survey or Research Study of the Year Winner:
The judges said: “EY has demonstrated high level, systemic impact with their research studies that will substantially impact the way Global Mobility is shaped within the UK at a systems level. Great work!”
Highly Commended: Santa Fe Relocation

Individual Awards

There was a tie in this category and the entries were so strong that it was decided to make two awards:

Global Mobility Rising Star of the Year Winner:
Klaudia Krawczyk – BlackRock
The judges said: “With outstanding attention to detail, Klaudia Krawczyk demonstrates knowledge, judgement, empathy and problem solving, well beyond her years and it’s clear that she has quickly become a trusted partner that colleagues and clients can rely upon.”


Ben Jones, Business Development Manager - AGS 360 Solutions
The judges said: “During this challenging time, Ben Jones has clearly demonstrated great agility, adjusting to new developments at a moment’s notice and importantly, he has also shown great empathy for his customers.”

Global Mobility Professional of the Year
This award was decided by the votes from the Global Mobility community
Winner: Tim Wells, VP Technology Solutions, Equus Software
This is an extract from Tim's testimonial:
“Tim Wells is a driving force in pushing products to stay ahead of the market. He continually delivers innovative solutions to new clients and also makes a significant impact on the industry by serving as a mentor.”

The Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility
This award is the only one that is not decided by the judges or the GM community, but is in the gift of FEM:
Awarded by FEM to: Julia Onslow-Cole, Partner, Global Government Strategies and Compliance at Fragomen
Global Director of Content & Events, Claire Tennant-Scull said:
“Julia Onslow-Cole is the embodiment of an outstanding Global Mobility professional in these challenging times.”