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Helma is an International Mobility consulting and relocation firm with operational expertise and customized solutions in all aspects of global mobility. We provide integrated end-to-end solutions from advisory/risk management to outsourcing. Our experts have multi-disciplinary expertise to manage: compliance audits, mobility policies, compensation packages' optimization, customized analysis, immigration, relocation, social security coverage, employment law, income taxes ...
Helma has developed a powerful online digital compensation package calculator for internationally mobile employees: "Smart Expatriation". This flexible tool allows determining host gross compensation from a home net guaranteed in 57 home and host countries (ie. 3000 combinations). It includes, in addition to the incremental social & income taxes, cost of living differentials and housing costs.
Fast, flexible, user-friendly, our clients are Mobility teams from multinational companies who said this tool "changed their life!" Helma is part of several networks bringing together HR and International Mobility Decision Makers and speaker at many conferences.

Detailed information

Come to our stand to have a demo to our online calculator tool!: Smart Expatriation
We are building a large distribution and users’ network all around the world.
At the same time, we are announcing the release of a much-awaited key feature which is the secondment calculation in Smart Expatriation with many options and a very high level of accuracy.
All this is clearly in line with our positioning towards a digital approach of our services. Our ambition is to assist our customers with 3.0 digital solutions. The International Mobility Manager, the HR, or the expatriate can :
initiate, track the actual status and progress of their file, and communicate with us in a secure way. We want to be the 3.0 international mobility provider by 2020!

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