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Headquartered in Jersey, Channel Islands HSBC Expat offers a secure location and central home for your assignees’ money in up to 19 currencies. We also have dedicated teams to support in Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, London and the Channel Islands.
With 18,000+ customers taking part in our Expat Explorer survey this year, we understand the unique challenges of relocating and the impact this may have on employers and employees. Through our Employee Banking Solutions (EBS) we help reduce the time spent helping assignees set up financial arrangements in their new country, supporting with the end-to-end process.

Assignees can benefit from a range of enhanced services; streamlined account opening, Global Tax Navigator, WorldAware® security travel services and an FX app to name a few.

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Country: United Kingdom


Aiden Powell
+44 20 3994 6412
Hannah Blake
+44 20 3956 4579

Fergus Bird
+44 20 3994 6410

Claire Tennant-Scull
+44 20 3957 4578

Helena Barrow
+44 20 3994 6420