Shelley Crofts, BAE SYSTEMS
Shelley Crofts
Head of Global and Domestic Mobility Services

Having spent 15 years as an Employment Lawyer, I moved into the Global Mobility world in 2021 starting in a strategy and transformation role before being appointed as BAE Systems’ Head of Global and Domestic Mobility Services in 2022.

Being new to the industry, I have been able to explore the current ways of working alongside challenging my team and my suppliers to revisit the status quo. Looking at the mobility function, it is clear to see that it is often put into the ‘too hard’ bucket which can impact our collective aspirations for the service. I am intent on continuing to challenge this mind-set. Mobility is complex, but nothing is ‘too hard’. It just needs breaking down, analysing logically and building back up.

We have an ambitious transformation journey ahead of us within BAE Systems but as a team we are looking forward to the challenge and the rewards we can deliver for our employees and their families at the end of it.