Dr. Vicky Haji-Ghassemi, Regent's University London
Dr. Vicky Haji-Ghassemi
Senior Lecturer and Course Leader
Regent's University London

Dr. Vicky Haji-Ghassemi is a Senior Lecturer and Course Leader at Regents University London, teaching within HR, Management and Organisations. Dr. Haji-Ghassemi completed an MSc in International Business Management, conducting a comparative study of the pre-departure cross-cultural training of British and Japanese expatriates. For her PhD, she explored the extent to which expatriates, face-to-face interaction and physical mobility can be replaced by a ‘mixed-economy’ of ‘flexpatriates’ and communication technologies in SMEs.

Dr. Haji-Ghassemi has presented at conferences covering various topics such as the traditional and modern 'flexpatriate', the role of trust, social capital and networking in relation to the performance of the internationalisation of SMEs, as well as exploring the dynamics and complexities of the dark sides of trust in SMEs within ‘Strong Ties’ and ‘Weak Ties’ concerning networks, social capital and partnerships during internationalisation’. Dr. Haji-Ghassemi is currently conducting research on the impact of Covid-19 on the performance of expatriates and ‘flexpatriates’, as well as virtual assignments and how organisations need to engage and retain their global talent.