Maria Bouwsma, Liberty Global
Maria Bouwsma
Senior Global Mobility Manager
Liberty Global

Global Mobility has been part of my life from an early age until now. Having been an expat child I have had the joys of living in such countries as Tanzania, Honduras and Colombia before going through the repatriation journey back to the Netherlands in my teens. Professionally I have worked for Shell International and a Expat Shared Services Advisor and went on a short term assignment to Krakow, Poland. Followed by 8 years at Cargill learning the ins and outs of mobility for the Netherlands and helping set up the expat shared services in Sofia, Bulgaria in my later years. From there I had a wonderful time at EY helping various clients with processes, policies and support on the Global Mobility front, and then moving on to KPMG for a period of time. I finally have landed at Liberty Global and have been the Senior Global Mobility Manager for Liberty and enjoy it to the fullest.

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