Murtaza Shah, Northman & Sterling
Murtaza Shah
Northman & Sterling

As a Partner at Northman & Sterling with over 12 years of expertise, Murtaza’s role transcends traditional Global mobility and Compliance Management. Specializing in the multifaceted landscapes of the global mobility and international markets, he is dedicated to untangling the complex webs of immigration, talent mobility, and governmental regulations. I've honed my craft by serving Fortune 500 companies, ensuring seamless transitions for their global talent pools while maintaining stringent compliance with evolving laws.

Murtaza’s contributions to the field extend beyond procedural aptitude to incorporate a nuanced understanding of global mobility dynamics. This blend of skills positions him as a trusted partner for organizations aiming to navigate the labyrinthine pathways of international hiring and corporate globalization. In the fast-changing realm of global mobility, his focus is on foresight and adaptability. At Northman & Sterling, he continues to pioneer high-impact solutions that align immigration practices with broader business strategies, enabling companies to be more agile, compliant, and globally competitive.

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