Sahir Wartanian, University of Texas at Dallas
Sahir Wartanian
University of Texas at Dallas

I'm Sahir Wartanian a senior at the University of Texas at Dallas currently working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and Systems. While working towards my degree, I have gained an appreciation for IT and it has motivated me to learning more about it in order to pursue a career in this sector. Although my background is originally in the engineering field, technology is something that is found everywhere across many disciplines which is why I made the switch. Outside of the classroom, I am a part of clubs and organizations and every day I am finding a way to incorporate my IT skills from the classroom and applying it to the organizations whether it is to introduce something new not done before in the club or whether it is to streamline an already existing process with new technology or management systems. Looking ahead, I plan on understanding where this sector needs the most work and how I can be an integral piece in innovating and creating new solutions in this field.

My Sessions
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