Dr. Wenting Sheng, RWE Offshore Wind GmbH
Dr. Wenting Sheng
Global Mobility Manager
RWE Offshore Wind GmbH

Moving alone from 7000 km away Shanghai to study in Europe Wenting made the first experience as "expat".

After academic career she has worked in the different functions in the area of expatriate management for almost 10 years, which gives her a deep and thorough understanding of the eco-system in the Global Mobility world.

Expatiate management is a dynamic branch, which requires a mind-set of driving and adapting trends and changes. Staying open and flexible is Wenting´s working principle.

Wenting was intercultural coach, managed immigration and relocation services, then moved to the positions of inhouse Global Mobility HR first in the chemical, then in the renewable industry. Currently she is leading the light-house project in the global mobility hub team in RWE to majorly contribute to the home-run transformation process of working lean and digitally.

Wenting lives in Hamburg. Travelling to explore new cultures and tasting different cuisines is her free-time passion.

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