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RT 1 Cartus: Eliminating the illusion of inclusion: 10 ways to make your global mobility program more inclusive

Host: Ava Norris & Sarah Briggs

Join us as we explore practical strategies to create a culture of belonging that ensures your relocating employees feel valued and connected. During the session, we share our top 10 ways to make your global mobility program more inclusive, including tangible key takeaways that you’ll want to implement asap. Whether you are just getting started on your DEI journey or have an established DEI initiative within your organization, the best practices we discuss are designed to meet the needs of everyone.

RT 2 Heart Relocation: How to elevate the relocation experience for you and your team – a case study

Hosts: Anna Fletcher & Maria Bouwsma

During this session Maria and Anna will share how, working as a team with a focus, they turned a poorly regarded mobility experience for Liberty Global employees that was seen as an inhibitor to the movement of talent into a highly regarded and integral part of the talent process within Liberty Global. How they now have a Net Promoter Score of 92, which is world class, and how mobility is now frequently cited as a success story and a function to emulate within Liberty Global. They will share ideas and thoughts which you may be able to put into practice in your own organisation to further improve the businesses’ and relocating employees experience and deliver higher returns on investment in mobility.

RT 3 Fragomen: Unlocking potential: Addressing skill and talent shortages using innovative pathways -> THIS DISCUSSION IS NOW FULL. DO NOT REGISTER OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO CHOOSE ANOTHER RT

Hosts: Ángel Bello Cortes Charlotte Wills

In an era of fierce demand for talent, we explore the innovative ways you can set yourself apart and locate the skills you need to drive your organisation forwards. From developing non-traditional talent pipelines to utilising technology effectively to manage them, we’ll discuss how global mobility can be at the forefront of identifying valuable solutions to these challenges.

RT 4 Equus: Elevating Potential: Mobility Tech Strategies for Global Success

Hosts: Tim Wells & Gareth Davies

Have technology and looking to do more with it? Looking at Mobility technology for the first time? Join Gareth and Tim in this roundtable to explore how GM teams are elevating their presence and reputation within their organisation through Mobility technology solutions to efficiently deliver exceptional service and strategic insights to their business stakeholders.

RT 5 AltoVita: The WOW factor & employee experience

Host: Jess Dunderdale

This roundtable explores why first impressions matter so much to your assignees and their families. First impressions are critical for company assignees and their families during the first 30 days in a new city, as they set the tone for the rest of their stay. We will discuss several things that companies can do to ensure that the first impression in a serviced accommodation is impeccable for their assignees and their families: 1. Welcome Packages: Provide a welcome package for the assignee and their family that includes information about the city, local restaurants and attractions, as well as essentials such as local maps and transportation information. 2. Clean and Well-Maintained Accommodations: Ensure that the serviced accommodation is clean, well-maintained, and ready for the assignee and their family to move in. This includes fresh linens, fully equipped kitchens, and all the necessary amenities. 3. Personal Touches: Consider adding personal touches such as fresh flowers or a welcome note to make the assignee and their family feel more at home. 4. Prompt Repairs and Maintenance: Address any maintenance or repair issues promptly to minimise inconvenience for the assignee and their family. 5. On-Site Support: Provide on-site support for the assignee and their family, such as a dedicated concierge or property management team, to assist with any needs or questions during their stay. 6. Relocation Services: Offer additional relocation services such as school searches, settling-in support, and cultural training to help the assignee and their family adjust to their new surroundings. By taking these steps, companies can help ensure that the first impression in a serviced accommodation is impeccable for their assignees and their families, helping to make their transition to a new city as smooth and stress-free as possible. This, in turn, can lead to increased job satisfaction, productivity, and a more successful assignment.

RT 6 Weichert: Elevating the Employee Experience: Best Practices for Relocation & Beyond -> THIS DISCUSSION IS NOW FULL. DO NOT REGISTER OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO CHOOSE ANOTHER RT

Hosts: Shân Norman Regional Vice President, EMEA Weichert & Claire Whieldon International Experience Director AstraZeneca

Join us for an insightful session on enhancing the employee experience during the relocation process and beyond. Relocating employees can face numerous challenges and uncertainties, but with the right strategies in place, organizations can create a smoother transition and foster lasting engagement. In this session, we will explore best practices that empower organizations to support their employees at every stage of the relocation journey. From pre-departure planning to settling into a new location and ongoing support, we will discuss strategies to ensure a positive experience for employees and their families.

RT 7 Silverdoor: Navigating the Journey to Sustainable Travel and Mobility

Hosts: Alison Willis & Alex Butler

Regardless of where you are in the journey to sustainability, this roundtable offers the opportunity to have an open and transparent conversation with like-minded peers about the various challenges for the Travel and Mobility sector with sustainability. How to start, what are the next steps, how to get the right data, where can your organisation act internally, and how to engage your supply chain to help encourage greater sustainable efforts. We’ll answer questions such as: • How can we balance the need to travel, business growth and profitability with emissions reduction goals? • Are we aligning sustainability considerations with budgetary and operational pressure from the wider business? • How has this impacted the expectations placed on service providers? • What does sustainable travel mean to you, your clients, and your partners? • How can we measure and track the environmental impact of a travel or mobility program, such as by tracking carbon emissions or waste reduction? • How are businesses successfully demonstrating carbon reduction in a measurable way? • How reliable is industry data in this respect, and how can stakeholders make more informed decisions? If there are any questions – please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

RT 8 Helma International: The challenges and Best Practices when it comes to switching contracts for an assignee settling down on a permanent basis in the host country.

Host: Anne-Flore Mirgalet

The purpose of this round table is to enable participants to share their practices, and point out the many challenges at various levels in these situations : the HR community must anticipate the end of each assignement but things become even more tricky when the assignee decides to remain in their host country. The home-based salary approach will be turned into a host-based salary grid, and the incentives related to the assignment will also be removed (sometimes in a « phase-out » process). Benefits such as Health care coverage and more specifically the pension scheme can also become an issue, especially if there is no social security agreement between home and host countries. It is important that the home country as well as host country HR discuss with the international mobility team about the transition, given that taxation will also drastically change for the former assignee, sometimes for the worse but also for the better. In this case the salary negociation can take into account the special tax regime that the employee could be entitled to, which will ultimately enhance their net salary. In a nutshell, HR and IM managers need not only to be knowledgeable enough to ensure that the transition phase will go smoothly to retain the talent within the Group, but to communicate effectively with the employee on the salary and benefits that will be granted to them.

RT 9 RSM UK: Diversity and Inclusion: Lived experiences as a Global Mobility professional and driving forward engaging and successful D&I strategies.

Host: Gavin Philips

The aim of my roundtable will be to have an informative and engaging discussion around diversity and inclusion touching on the participants' personal insights and experiences on this area. We will then take the discussion forward to consider what an engaging and effective D&I strategy looks like.

RT 10 Vialto Partners: Measuring your Mobility Programme - Reality or Fiction: Is it possible to measure customer experience in real time to build upon the positive or intervene before things potentially turn sour?   -> THIS DISCUSSION IS NOW FULL. DO NOT REGISTER OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO CHOOSE ANOTHER RT

Hosts: Clare Allen & Dr. Monique Raupp

Satisfaction surveys are not new within Global Mobility, with the norm being for companies to rely on countless in-house and vendor surveys where results are reviewed at regular intervals. But how helpful is this and how often does it lead to actionable improvements to the programme? Global Mobility is extremely complex, with multiple people involved across numerous activities - with some areas simply being outside of your control. Measuring the performance needs to follow a 360 approach: with real time data gathering, predictive analytics, distinction between service and outcome, and across multiple stakeholders (from the employee themselves, to their families and the sending/receiving businesses). During this roundtable, we will explore the pros and cons of how companies could measure experience to determine what could work in reality versus what should remain in the fiction books. You will walk away with ideas to help improve how you measure your mobility programme.

RT 11 Northman & Sterling: Saudi Arabia and GCC: The Mega Projects, the opportunities and challenges in mobilizing talent.

Hosts: Murtaza Shah & Bri Simpson

In this session, we will discuss the opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC region and the challenges businesses face in mobilizing and retaining talent.