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Marco Brunetti


Marco is simply the best - he has been an extremely influential leader in Global Mobility at Novartis for some 20 years and brings amazing energy and empathy to the job! He is simply the very best and needs to be recognized as such. He has accompanied the career development of so many people who have been on international assignment or have been international executives moving to Basel or other key Novartis locations but most importantly he has influenced the careers of so many young people starting out in the mobility world, training them the ins and outs and setting them up for amazing careers in mobility or in wider HR roles.

Marco has been a huge influence on mobility at Novartis, built the shared service team in Prague and never lost sight of what really matters, the well being of the people around him. Thank you

Brian Egan
Nomad Temporary Housing


Brian Egan brings a wealth of knowledge from legal, corporate client and RMC backgrounds to his role as Managing Director. His laser focus on the growth and development of the EMEA & APAC region has him overseeing the Reservations, Guest Services, Supply Chain and Client Relations team. Brian works closely with clients to understand their temporary housing programs, being consultative, and providing creative and innovative solutions for their employee populations. Graduating with an LLB in Law from the University of East Anglia (UEA), Brian’s legal background provided a great framework for entering the Relocation world.

Brian worked at a global Relocation Management Company for five years managing the Global Supply Chain, before moving to a Pharmaceutical corporate in the Procurement Division managing the Mobility category. Brian definitely brings a broad spectrum of experience to Nomad, having served in so many different capacities in the industry. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Brian relocated to the UK when very young. In his spare time likes to play, and watch, a variety of sports. One day he hopes to progress onward from being a hopeless golfer.


Brian Egan has a broad spectrum of relocation knowledge, with his experience in the fields of law, corporate global mobility and relocation management creating a very comprehensive skill set. He also possesses great enthusiasm and a true passion for service, which I believe is the foundation of his success. - Under Brian’s leadership of the EMEA region, Nomad has grown 500% in occupancy and improved Net Operating Income by 12x in three years - EMEA region revenue has grown from 15% of Nomad’s $200M USD in annual sales to 41% of global sales in less than three years. - Brian has expanded the London office staff size 400%, including the addition of six managers in reservations, service, supply chain and account management. - Due to Brian’s abilities and successful track record, he was promoted to handle the APAC region in addition to EMEA. His management of the Hong Kong and Shanghai offices resulted in 30% growth in the region in the last twelve months, doubling Net Operating Income.

As a leader, Brian is highly engaged with his team, recruiting the best and brightest talent to serve Nomad’s esteemed clients, and ensuring each employee feels valued. As a business partner, his innate sense of placing the client at the forefront of all we do endears him to the Nomad leadership team. As a strategic partner to clients, Brian’s personable and consultative approach immediately establishes him as a person of warmth and substance. Clients praise his responsiveness, his solution centered mindset, and of course, his ability to build quality relationships. The global network of friends, colleagues and clients that he has developed over the years is truly incredible (especially considering his youth). You can be at an event halfway around the world from London, and at least one person in the room will say: "I know Brian! I love Brian!" and they will have the biggest smile on their face. The Global Mobility Professional of the Year award should be presented to Brian Egan, who would wear the title well.

Anna Fletcher
Heart Relocation


Anna Fletcher began her career in mobility in Poland in 1997 initially as a receptionist but soon worked her way up, building the immigration programme before building and running the relocation department. During this time, she also studied and achieved her Bachelor of Science and then Master’s Degree in Business & Marketing. In 2006 Anna moved to the UK and continued her mobility career at Sterling, Interdean and subsequently Santa Fe. Her experience and desire to deliver a more heartfelt service focussed on the human side of mobility led to her, as Co-Founder to create Heart Relocation at the end of 2019 and she continues to grow her business with a real passion for developing and taking care of people, clients, assignees, or colleagues.

Additionally, Anna has GMS accreditation (2012), Graduate of Managing International Mobility Programme (MIM) (June 2020) and most recently her CIPD Intermediate Diploma in HR Management (May 2021). Most recently Anna was instrumental in securing ISO9001-2015 accreditation for Heart Relocation. Away from work Anna is a busy working Mum with 2 children, Lily, 16 and Antony 12, not forgetting pets, Sherlock and Kallie. For relaxation enjoys travelling, especially with her family, yoga and long walks with Kallie.


Anna Fletcher is a mobility industry professional who took a huge leap of faith at a pivotal point in her career, one that now makes her an asset to the global mobility community and all of those that work with her. Before co-founding her own company, Heart Relocation, Anna had a very stable role as a Destination Service provider. This was a role that she worked in for more than a decade, building up her valuable expertise and making a great amount of profit for that company. However, although Anna enjoyed the satisfaction of helping clients relocate their employees, she very much disliked not having enough time to spend on each client. She felt unable to give each assignee enough care and attention, she felt unable to help them settle in their new location and, worst of all, she felt like she was working for a company that placed profit over people. It was then that Anna took a leap of faith that could have ended her successful mobility career entirely. But she knew it was a risk worth taking. Anna wanted to build her very own mobility company. One that did everything differently. One that did everything better. Anna wanted to create a relocation company that could offer clients and their assignees more services, services that would support their emotional needs, as well as their physical ones.

Anna started Heart Relocation around the principles that define her – Principles that have built Heart Relocation’s current net promoter score (NPS) to 90 – something that is testament to the level of care and attention that Anna gives to each client, and their happy assignees. Immediately after starting the company, each Heart Consultant was given a strict set maximum of 30 cases, at any stage of relocation. This is opposed to the 150 cases similar companies have their consultants manage. This gives each Heart Consultant the time to really take care of the families they are supporting.. Anna continues to go the extra mile for her clients wherever she can: She travelled extensively through China to help a car manufacturer navigate its growth in some of the most challenging locations. She qualified as an HR professional with CIPD, to better understand her clients’ working space and the pressures they face.

Anna supports and encourages happy employees, ensuring that they are free from stress and ready to deliver to their assignment objectives. She created an empowering work environment internally, with flexibility and an understanding of work life balance. Her bravery, passion and dedication has helped to reshape the mobility industry. Her company sets a new standard for how relocation companies look out for their clients, their clients’ assignees, and their own team too. Her contribution to the evolution of Global Mobility means that the industry really wouldn’t be the same without her 20+ years of unmatched service. A vote for Anna is a vote for all those unsung heroes of our profession.

Susann Hesse
Mercedes-Benz Group AG


Susann Hesse leads the Global Assignment Management program. The program streamlines international assignments through standardized processes, promoting alignment with organizational objectives. We offer expert guidance to navigate complexities, ensuring successful outcomes and operational efficiency. Tailored solutions address unique cases, accommodating factors like assignee preferences and family needs. With a digital focus, we empower assignees through self-service resources and online support, simplifying tasks and improving accuracy. Our commitment includes legal compliance, quality consistency, and comprehensive policies, positioning us as trusted advisors for both assignees and the organization's future readiness.

Since 2017, Susann has led the Global Assignment Consultation program at Mercedes-Benz Group AG (also a Member of the Board of Directors Mercedes-Benz Assignment Services Americas, LLC) and has truly shown remarkable leadership as the head of a major project. This involved overseeing the complex rollout of advanced cloud software, reorganizing our structure extensively, and navigating changes in our processes. Susann's sharp leadership, along with her talent for strategy, has resulted in excellent achievements and earned her a reputation as a driving force for innovation and positive change in our organization. Leading international teams in Beijing, Farmington Hills and Stuttgart, her role exemplifies the complexity of international service delivery.


Since 2017, Susann has led the Global Assignment Consultation program at Mercedes-Benz Group AG (also a Member of the Board of Directors Mercedes-Benz Assignment Services Americas, LLC) and has truly shown remarkable leadership as the head of a major project. This involved overseeing the complex rollout of advanced cloud software, reorganizing our structure extensively, and navigating changes in our processes.

Susann's sharp leadership, along with her talent for strategy, has resulted in excellent achievements and earned her a reputation as a driving force for innovation and positive change in our organization. Leading international teams in Beijing, Farmington Hills and Stuttgart, her role exemplifies the complexity of international service delivery.

Sharan Kundi
Vialto Partners


Sharan became the global immigration lead for Vialto Partners in 2022, when the firm spun out from PwC. A mother of a young son, Sharan lives in Surrey and works from our London office. We are nominating Sharan because of the sheer impact she has had in Vialto Partners and prior to that in PwC. Profile Highlights and Career Trajectory: -Sharan graduated in Law from University of Southampton, UK. -She is a trained accountant and spent nearly 15 years advising on all areas of UK, US, and expatriate tax.

In 2013, she moved to PwC’s immigration team, tasked with putting operational and financial structure around a fast-growing UK immigration law practice. -The task, which meant entirely transforming PwC’s business, saw systems variously offshored and automated (before automated immigration was fashionable) taking client service to another level. -She was then promoted to joint head of PwC’s UK Global Mobility practice, overseeing a practice that grew substantially through difficult times. -Sharan was centrally involved in the creation of Vialto, guiding PwC and our investors towards a business model capable of scaling well beyond the size and capacity possible in PwC. This was the largest change in the mobility world and Sharan was at the forefront of it from day one. -She subsequently became the leading player in every change to PwC’s immigration services and operating model, leading the practice to double digit growth in Vialto’s first year itself. -We are at the start of our new journey, but Sharan’s direction and efforts are bearing fruits already.She is a top voice on trends driving immigration strategy: Sample link of the podcast hosted by Sharan:

This success is a testament to Sharan’s stellar leadership, drive and deep understanding of the market dynamics. People move and immigration is only one part of the puzzle. She is almost unique in the market as a business leader who has specialised in other parts of the puzzle too - employment taxes, expat tax, social security, and business travel. She isn’t building a firm that can integrate with other services, she has built a firm that is integrated. That said, Sharan would wince at any suggestion she has done this alone. The Vialto team is strong, but stronger for having worked for Sharan. Her vision is clear, she communicates with empathy and direction and she genuinely values people. That all shows through in the comradery and culture of the firm and its leadership team - all with shared values and a shared vision.

Inigo Lopez
BiCortex Languages & Translations


Inigo considers himself to be both multicultural and a world citizen. He travels as much as his personal and business life allows. He has lived in Ireland, the UK, France, Spain and Brazil. Global Mobility is his dream industry. He landed here by chance in 2015 after 15 years in the Satellite Communications industry. He holds an MA in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Cantabria and an Executive MBA from ESIC. Inigo is a native Spanish speaker and has business level fluency in English, French and Portuguese. Additionally, he has a B2 level in German and B1 in Italian.


Please see below Inigo's own words: I never thought that one of my tasks in relocation was going to involve physically relocating people - Ukrainian refugees. When I set out on the morning of March 10th of 2022 from Burgos in Spain to the Ukrainian border with Poland, it was never my intention to inspire other people or to become a global leader. I just wanted to help. However, what I encountered - both the indescribable hardship suffered by the refugees, but also the sheer kindness of countless individuals and organizations I met along the way - changed me, as well as the business that I run, forever. I drove my campervan 2,800km to Korczowa, Poland, filled with humanitarian aid, and on the way back myself and two other campervans that I met on the way brought 11 refugees back to Spain. All of them had family/friends in Spain.

Reasons that I feel I am a leader in Global Mobility: A global leader should be a hands-on person able to solve any situation, even the most critical, knowing that sometimes they may not receive anything in return. Dealing with people that are desperate and scared is not easy, especially when there is no common language and the cultures are very different. However, my experience in global mobility with its core values of respect for cultures and customs meant that I was well-equipped to do so. My employees took the leadership of the company during my absence announced with less than 12 hours’ notice. They prepared for and ran an RFP with a major client and also implemented a new project with an unprecedented level of support, coordinating between themselves and with the customer remotely. They showed commitment, engagement and passion in my absence and were able to do so because of the trust and confidence that I have communicated to them through my training and leadership. I also inspired other people, both inside and outside of global mobility: At least 3 people were inspired by my trip and made a similar trips to the Ukrainian border in order to help. On my way to the border, I received donations from other Global Mobility companies on my way (in Paris and Frankfurt). Additionally, another company paid for the refugees’ hotel stays on the way back to Spain I raised money from individuals in excess of 10K euros to support the Ukrainian cause Our employees feel proud of this humanitarian effort and have become more engaged in helping others.

Other activities to support those in need have been organized by employees (example: donation for the earthquake in Syria/Turkey). As a company, we continued our support to the Ukrainians once the trip to Spain was completed. In May 2022, we started free Spanish lessons for Ukrainian refugees. More than 100 students are studying, and more than 500 hours have been taught so far. Some other companies in Relocation became inspired by our example and donated to allow lessons to continue.

Claire Nilson
Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP


Claire D. Nilson is Counsel in the London, UK office of Faegre Drinker. Claire is qualified as a lawyer in three jurisdictions: New York (USA); England & Wales and Trinidad & Tobago. Following a number of years practicing in New York, Claire was a solo practitioner in Trinidad before relocating to the United Kingdom in 2011. Claire is a member of the Law Society of England & Wales, Law Association of Trinidad & Tobago, American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Immigration law Practitioners Association (ILPA), Commonwealth Lawyers Association, and the Society of English & American Lawyers, among others. She is a past Co-Chair of AILA’s Global Migration Section. Claire has been nominated in the field of immigration law for inclusion in Who's Who Legal every year since 2011, and was the runner-up for the Forum for Expatriate Management’s 2017 EMMA Award for Global Mobility Professional of the Year.


I am a recently retired U.S. immigration attorney and the Honorary Consul for Finland in Minnesota. It is my pleasure to nominate Claire Nilson for Global Mobility Professional of the Year. I worked as an immigration lawyer for over 37 years, including with household name clients and immigration lawyers worldwide. Claire is one of the best immigration lawyers worldwide with whom I have ever worked. Claire Nilson is an industry leader that businesses trust for creative, quick solutions to their most complex immigration challenges. Claire is counsel in Faegre Drinker’s London office and has two decades of experience as an immigration lawyer in the United Kingdom, United States, and Trinidad & Tobago. Claire brings a friendly face and pragmatic advice to the table, simplifying even the most complicated scenarios. She advises corporations across multiple industries on work permit and visa matters worldwide. With her experience as a U.S. immigration attorney working with U.S. Consulates in Europe, Claire has been able to effectively facilitate movement of clients from Europe to the United States for years, through a number of administrations with their respective idiosyncrasies, and often in a hostile immigration climate. She has assisted many U.S.-based clients with moves into the United Kingdom and other countries worldwide, carefully explaining and managing the process with both superlative knowledge and impeccable calm.

Claire dedicates her time to industry associations, including the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA). She is also past co-chair of AILA’s Global Migration Section. For years, Claire has invested significant time in creating resources for the immigration and global mobility industry and wider audiences which have contributed to the education of her peers and the continued professionalization of the field. She is a wonderful teacher and generous mentor to multiple immigration professionals. Claire is a regular speaker at conferences, including AILA and British American Business. She routinely produces updates through Faegre Drinker’s website and has authored articles for such publications as SME magazine and Investment Monitor. She is well-respected and quoted as an expert in the field by others, both in the trade and academic press.

Claire is also a contributory author to The Consular Practice Handbook published this year. Claire has been listed in the International Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers every year since 2011 and has been recognized in the most elite subset of this publication annual since its 2021 inception: Thought Leaders Global Elite - Corporate Immigration Law. The clients who work with Claire consistently provide positive feedback about her and the immigration advice that she provides. They value her deep knowledge of the subject matter and its practical application to their businesses and lives. It is only once a lawyer has mastered the rules that they gain the experience to explain creative and innovative options, and Claire is a true master whom I fully endorse as one of the most elite immigration professionals worldwide. She is truly deserving of the award for Global Mobility Professional of the Year.

Murtaza Shah
Northman & Sterling


As a Partner at Northman & Sterling with over 12 years of expertise, Murtaza’s role transcends traditional Global mobility and Compliance Management. Specializing in the multifaceted landscapes of the global mobility and international markets, he is dedicated to untangling the complex webs of immigration, talent mobility, and governmental regulations. I've honed my craft by serving Fortune 500 companies, ensuring seamless transitions for their global talent pools while maintaining stringent compliance with evolving laws.

Murtaza’s contributions to the field extend beyond procedural aptitude to incorporate a nuanced understanding of global mobility dynamics. This blend of skills positions him as a trusted partner for organizations aiming to navigate the labyrinthine pathways of international hiring and corporate globalization. In the fast-changing realm of global mobility, his focus is on foresight and adaptability. At Northman & Sterling, he continues to pioneer high-impact solutions that align immigration practices with broader business strategies, enabling companies to be more agile, compliant, and globally competitive.


Murtaza Shah has worked in corporate immigration and mobility for over 12 years. He has worked for Fragomen, Newland Chase, Pangea Mobility and now is a partner at Northman & Sterling. Murtaza has extensive knowledge of global mobility and has served as a key stake holder for companies such as Fragomen in setting up new offices and establishing client accounts.

Having lived and worked in UK, Belgium, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, he keeps his personal experiences in mind when helping clients with implementation of mobility programs and cross border move strategies. The insights he brings to the table are realistic, up to date and showcase in-depth knowledge of processes and trends in the market.

Claire Whieldon


Claire has over 20 years’ experience as a Reward professional and has been with AstraZeneca since 2017 in various roles. In 2020 she moved to lead the International Experience team. In this role, she oversees the organization’s mobility programmes to deliver the Reward and Talent strategy. She is passionate about employee experience and the role reward and mobility plays in creating a great place to work. Prior to joining Astrazeneca, she was Global Reward Director at Abcam plc and Reward Director at BGL Group ( Outside of work, Claire is a karate blackbelt which helps with being a parent to two very energetic boys and enjoys relaxing in the garden when she can.


Claire is a truly impressive Global Mobility professional, able to work in both micro and macro modes. She can drive change and ensure this is achieved with rigour, testing all the way. She leads her team by supporting and empowering them. Her focus for the mobility programme at AZ is completely on the experience each relocating employee and family receives from the in house AZ International Experience team and every partner that interact on the journey.

For senior level employees Claire introduced the Ambassador level service to ensure every last detail is thought of and they can start their new assignment focusing on their new role rather than the details of the relocation. She has also introduced more flexibility into the AZ mobility programme to give employees more choice around what services are important to work with. As well as all of this she is a great partner to work with looking for a pragmatic solution and a win win for all.

Eithan Wolf
PassportCard Deutschland GmbH


Chosen recently to be one of the top 10 inspiring people in international insurance to follow on. Awarded top 1% of German employers and winner of the German innovation Awards of 2021. Beforehand was responsible for the launch of the innovation and digital division of the leading Israeli bank and the author of the legal book “Companies” published in 2014 following his many years of legal advisory alongside the founder of Israeli corporate law and the amendment of the law in parliament.


Eithan Wolf, CEO of PassportCard, has recently been recognized as one of the top ten most inspiring individuals in the international insurance industry and top 25 best InsurTech executives worldwide. Before joining PassportCard in 2018, he had been the youngest member of the executive management team at a leading Tier-1 bank in Tel Aviv. During his tenure, he spearheaded the establishment of the innovation and digital division. In 2019, he took on the role of CEO for PassportCard in Germany, leading the company's operations in the region.

PassportCard's innovative combination of international mobility insurance and payment method garnered recognition, and in 2021, they received the prestigious German Innovation Award followed by the Best Employer award of 2022 and BOLD award in 2023. In 2014, he published a comprehensive book titled "Companies" that explores various aspects of corporate law.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Eithan highly values emotional intelligence in others. He believes it is a crucial characteristic for personal success, fostering better understanding and connections with people. Whenever possible, he enjoys expressing his creativity through drawing and taking leisurely walks along the beautiful Alster lake in Hamburg.